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I write for business owners new to digital marketing.

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Small Businesses Still Benefit from Traditional Marketing

March 7, 2017
Traditional marketing includes all activities that do not take place on the internet.  Think about marketing before...

What is Content Marketing?

November 19, 2016
Marketing does not happen without content. What do I mean by content? Content is words, photos,...

Is Direct Marketing Dead?

October 4, 2016
No! Direct Marketing continues to be the most direct route a small business can take to reach...

6 Social Media Sites For Small Businesses – update 2Q 2016

August 25, 2016
(note from author: updated stats 8/2016 – the landscape has changed since my original post...

15 Surprises About Video Marketing

August 20, 2016
More people are viewing video on the internet than ever before. Any smart business marketer...

Is Email Social Media?

March 20, 2016
This is not a silly question, especially if you are new to social media. You...

How To Write An Irrisistable Brand Message

March 4, 2016
Writing a standout brand message that cuts through the noise of online chatter isn’t easy.    A...

6 Timeless Marketing Definitions

February 26, 2016
The term marketing is overused and misused. So, WHAT IS MARKETING? The rapid expansion of social...

16 Things Successful People Do When Solving Problems

December 14, 2015
Have you heard about the 16 Habits of Mind? Are you faced with frequent, large or...

Why Write At Age 88?

November 24, 2015
The following is from a special contributor to my blog feed.  My father, Walter L....

My Honest 17hats Review: An Online Tool To Manage Your Small Business

October 8, 2015
I’m a genuine fan (and user) of 17hats! 17hats has been on the market just...

10 Superhero Marketers To Your Rescue!

September 10, 2015
Every industry has real life superheroes who lead and exceed. It’s no different for the...

Take A Break – The Demonstration Gardens

June 13, 2015
A public garden offers a short no-cost vacation from the ordinary. I was biking along the Pikes...

10 Things You Need to Know About Your Competition

June 2, 2015
You’re business is the best! You offer amazing products or services! It’s unique and unmatched.  No...
  • Brand Social Media Sites

How Small Businesses Should Brand Multiple Social Media Sites

April 29, 2015
Your business should look the same on multiple social media sites. Much like identical babies. Dress them...

The First Step To A Small Business Marketing Plan

November 16, 2014
The Ancient Greek aphorism, “know thyself” is still valuable today. Especially when you take that daunting first step...
  • 22 Free Ways to Promote Your Business

22 Free Ways To Promote Your Business

October 6, 2014
The cat is out of the bag! I’m going to share with you twenty-two free...
  • Blue Plate with the word Publicity

Publicity is Today’s Blue Plate Special

July 6, 2014
Publicity is something you can do with little or no money in your marketing budget! By...